Sash Bar Clamp

• These are especially useful for clamping large section “work pieces during fabrication, carpentry & boat” building
• Made from drawn steel with a section of “1.1/4″” x 1/4 ( 32mm ) malleable iron head
• Both ” slide & head have flat bottol allowing the bare to stand upright without support
• Screw are made from high grade steel & having rolled acme thread that impart extra strength

Item Code No.Bar Length FeetBar Length InchBar Length MMClamping Capacity Clamping Capacity MM
TBC/242.0 feet24 inch600 mm18 inch450 mm
TBC/302.5 feet30 inch750 mm24 inch600 mm
TBC/363.0 feet36 inch900 mm30 inch750 mm
TBC/423.5 mm42 feet1050 mm36 inch900 mm
TBC/48 4.0 feet48 inch1200 mm42 inch1050 mm
TBC/544.5 feet54 inch1350 mm48 inch1200 mm