SG Iron G-Clamp – General Purpose

• Manufactured from SG iron casting, these are guaranteed unbreakable under normal usage.
• Further, the handle is designed that it will bend before the frame can be over stressed
• Handle / Main screw has ACME threads for smooth operation
• The swivelling pad adopts the correct angle and applies even pressure on the work piece
• Frames have attractive textured powder coated finish with spindle in black oxide finish for increased resistance to corrosion
• These are useful for a variety of metal and woodworking applications

Item Code No.Clamping Force kgs/lbs.SizeJaw Opening Throat DepthSpindle DiaWeightPacking
SGC/50363/80050 mm50 mm42 mm12mm0.50 kg.24 pcs.
SGC/75 455/100075 mm75 mm44 mm12 mm0.50 kg.24 pcs.
SGC/100545/1200100 mm100 mm59 mm12 mm 0.90 kgs.18 pcs.
SGC/150635/1400150 mm75 mm16 mm16mm1.30 kgs.12 pcs.
SGC/200775/1700200 mm200 mm80 mm16 mm1.60 kg.12 pcs.
SGC/2501000/2200250 mm250 mm90 mm19 mm2.50 kg.8 pcs.
SGC/3001135/2500300 mm300 mm100 mm19 mm3.00 kg.6 pcs.