Drill Press Vice – Traditional

• Traditional Drill Press Vice is manufactured from “UNBREAKABLE” Spheroidal
• Graphite (S.G Iron), which is 100% stronger than standard grey iron, making it truly Heavy Duty and a must have for any home, professional or industrial workshop
• Milled jaws ensure that your workpiece is held tightly and accurately in position
• Manufactured from “unbreakable” Spheroidal Graphite Iron (SG)
• 100% stronger than grey iron • Made for Industrial & Workshop use
• Universal fit for drill press work tables
• Precision milled jaws • All steel handle

Item Code No.Size MMA MaxBC Jaw LengthDE Jaw DepthF Total HeightG Jaw OpeningWightsPacking
DPV/T/8080280168801354158753.0 kgs.4 pcs
DPV/T/10010534018510516241611004.0 kgs.3 pcs
DPV/T/15013047526515523046461307.0 kgs.2 pcs