Hinged Pipe Vice

• Self-locking pipe vice is also popular in the name of Hinged Pipe Vice
• The frame and the base are hinged together
• The replaceable steel jaws are accurately machined, hardened & tempered
• The handle and main screw are also of steel while the frames & base are of strong SG Iron casting ( SPHEROIDAL GRAPHITE ) guaranteed unbreakable

Item Code No.Size mmWeightsPacking
HPV/3535 mm 2.5 kgs.4 pcs
HPV/5050 mm3.90 kgs.4 pcs.
HPV/6060 mm5.20 kgs.2 pcs.
HPV/8080 mm7.80 kgs.2 pcs.
HPV/100100 mm11.40 kgs.2 pcs.
HPV/150150 mm25.80 kgs.1 pcs.